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We are published (again)!

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

Learning How To Be A Blended U.S.- Chinese Family : Mia & LaRon Kampka

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San Diego Family Photographers

Wow - What a December to remember! This month Mia and I were highlighted in not one, but two widely circulated publications. Culturs magazine decided to do a profile on our family and business. We are so excited to share our story, and honored Culturs decided to publish our profile in their next issue.

Journalist, John Liang, emailed us in early November and we scheduled a zoom to conduct our interview. During our video conference that was supposed to last 30 minutes and went a full hour we were able to be candid and truly share our story. It was truly a blessing to have the opportunity to be introspective with my wife and business partner to contemplate the last couple of years.

San Diego Elopement Photographers Courthouse Wedding Photographer

We know as photographers we tend to be more mysterious than most people, as we are the ones capturing life, and not always examining it. Hopefully, you reading this will feel closer to us, and feel like you have family bringing your photographic dream to life! We strive to make our clients comfortable and add professionalism to every project, from consultation to delivered photos.

As we finish this year and begin to think about 2023 , we are excited about the possibility of working with you! We have customized options for all your photographic and video needs.

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