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5 Best Beaches in San Diego for Your Engagement / Elopement / Wedding / Family Photography

Updated: Apr 13

San Diego is famous for its miles and miles of white-sand beaches and amazing weather.

We are on the beach sunset side, the water looks blue in the morning and looks golden in the afternoon. The best timing for beach session is in the early morning or late afternoon. I love "golden hour" and I love "purple hour / blue hour" before the sunrise and after the sunset.

My name is Mia, I am a professional wedding + elopement photographer based in San Diego, California, I am also specialized in family photography. Today we are going to talk about the best beach locations to go for your Engagement / Elopement / Wedding / Family Photography.

All of these locations are my favorite, this list is not ranked.

1. Windansea Beach

Key words:

Mia & LaRon's wedding beach Beautiful landscape

Big rocks & white sand beach Dramatic waves Stairs from the street parking to the beach Bohemia style straw-built shed can be used as a wedding bridge


The waves can be too strong (over 10 feet tall) due to windy weather.

2. Coronado Beach

Key Words:

Wide white sand beach

Golden sand

Hotel the Del (red top "castle")

Sand dunes


Man-made island, peaceful waves, family friendely


Too many people around in weekend.

It takes are while walking from the roadside to the water.

3. Scripps Pier & Beach

Key words:

Instagramable Pier

California palm trees + ocean view

White sand beach on the left side and big rocks /knolls on the right side

Climbable trees on the hill with oceanview


No public parking lot & bathroom nearby.

Too many people during sunset, have to take turns under the pier.

4. Sunset Cliffs

Key words:

Rocks, waves, cliffs, sunset, caves


No beach access, have to walk to long stairs and might reach to the water (rocky based).

5. Torrey Pines / Blacks Beach

Key words:

Free parking




Mountain meets sea

Perfect for proposal


It takes over 30mins to hike from Torrey Pines to Blacks Beach (one way).

Blacks Beach is known as a nude beach.

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