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Plan The Perfect Surprise Proposal

Surprise proposal packages include:

  • Photographer consultation for a flawless plan

  • Proposal location suggestions

  • Proposal vendor recommendations and cooperation (picnic, sailboat, musicians, signs, etc.)

  • Assistance in applying for permits if needed

  • Maps and mockup images for a seamless experience

  • Backup plan (Plan B)

  • Tips to enhance your surprise

  • Outfit recommendations

  • Local insider tips for post-proposal celebrations

  • Dedicated support from our Concierge

  • Guaranteed delivery of all your photos within 24 hours

  • Exclusive discount for printing Celebrate Photo Books

  • Special gift from the PKA Photography team

PKA Photography: Crafting Unforgettable Surprise Proposals.

An entirely stress-free experience

You Ask That Crucial Question - We Will Take Care Of The Rest