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What can $1000 contribute to a wedding? ---- Wedding photographer, officiant, and the venue permit!

Updated: Feb 24

Can you believe it we ran Gabriela and Jon’s wedding at the cost under $1,000, including venue permit, wedding officiant, and most importantly - photography!

It sounds unbelievable, right? But we made it:)

When Gabriela and Jon found us, they were initially going to have a courthouse wedding, but Gabriela was curious about how's our wedding officiant work. After known that we can help clients to apply permit at anywhere in San Diego, such as local beaches, Balboa Park and local Parks, they decided to take advantage of beautiful San Diego and have PKA Photography to plan their wedding ceremony.

We scouted out a beautiful spot in Spanish Landing Park where 1 mile away from their reception dinner, with a large parking lot, green grass, trees and water view... And they loved it! We then applied the permit for using this location as their wedding venue.

There were 30-40 guests, the expenses were:

2 hours all-inclusive wedding photography / elopement package ---- $598

Wedding officiant service ---- $300 ( for elopement photography clients only )

Venue permit with reserved parking lot ---- $59 ( Permit expense variable depends on the location)

Now you must wonder how their wedding photos look like, click below button to see Gabriela and Jon's full wedding online gallery:

Of course they love their wedding experience with PKA so much, they said :