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Discover the Magic of Intimate Weddings with PKA Photography: Your Stress-Free Day Awaits!

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

Affordable All Inclusive Wedding Package in San Diego

Let’s face it a lot has changed in the wedding world in the last couple of years, the era of the traditional large extravagant wedding has been traded in for more practical intimate weddings that serve the same purpose but don’t break the bank. That is why PKA photography is proud to introduce our Intimate Wedding Packages. To have a great wedding you really only need a few key ingredients to create your special day and PKA Photography has all your bases covered.

San Diego Best Wedding Photographer - PKA Photography

Now while we are not trying to take away from the time-tested traditional wedding that usually spans a few days. We know time is of the essence and let’s face it in this new era most of us don’t have 3 days to have a rehearsal dinner, ceremony, reception, and bon voyage day following all these events. Nor do we want to only spend an hour telling the love of our life we want to spend the rest of our lives with them it feels all too abbreviated. We found a sweet spot with our Intimate Wedding Package, that allows our couples to spend a blissful day together that you and your family and friends will cherish forever as the day cemented in time that you said ‘I DO’.

PKA Photography covers the holy trinity as we like to put it, with first-your Officiant who makes everything official. Your officiant will work closely with you to make sure your ceremony procession and succeeding key details all happen with ease. He will tailor your vows specifically to your style and make sure you have zero doubts (sorry we can’t take care of the butterflies) about your big day.

San Diego Best Wedding Photographer - PKA Photography

Next our team of Photographers will make sure every stunning moment is captured as your day unfolds. We take special care in all the details and preparations you have created and want to make sure our photos allow you too never forget.

And finally, our Videographers will be treating the coverage of your wedding like a red-carpet event. Paying close attention to capture those smiles and happy cries of everyone around you. We will use the final footage to create a highlight video of your day with fun quick paced editing to your favorite music.

San Diego Best Wedding Photographer - PKA Photography

Where are we going to host my wedding?

Well, we’ve got the perfect Venue already picked out for you. Placed conveniently in Little Italy, San Diego this venue will provide a stunning background to your magical day with spectacular views of the city and harbor:

Affordable All Inclusive Wedding Package in San Diego, Little Italy Wedding Venue only $100

The intimate wedding package puts together all the essential ingredients you need (plus a little extra) to create a hassle-free day you and your partner can enjoy without the headaches of having to make a million decisions. It will allow you to focus on your wedding and let us do all the heavy lifting!

Affordable All Inclusive Wedding Package in San Diego

Only $200 to hold your date, click here.

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