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High quality image retouching | editing | —— 6 photos Additional Retouched Photo

We averagely spend 45 mins on each HQR photo. Our professional retouching team uses Layer Blending Technology "LBT" , ACR (Adobe Camera Raw) and Photoshop to make people look greater.


Additional HQR Images Package Quotation:

( 10 edited images included in the 1 hour session fee)

1 Edited Image-------------------------------------------------------------------------$20;

6 Edited Image-------------------------------------------------------------------------$100;

10 Edited Image------------------------------------------------------------------------$150;

30 Edited Image-----------------------------------------------------------------------$400;

50 Edited Image-----------------------------------------------------------------------$500.


(standard editing)------------------------------------------------$100 per100 photos

(standard retouching)-------------------------------------------$150 per100 photos


What's the Difference Between “Editing”, “Retouching” and “High Quality Retouching”?


“editing”: works on basic and enhance color and lighting, cropping pictures, adjusting temperatures, etc.

“retouching”: the improvement of the overall look of an image, based on “editing”, It basically includes one or two corrections and adjustments for a picture, such as Light adjustment, Teeth whitening , Eliminating stray hairs , removing small blemishes. When clients want some more quality than basic image editing, but not as fantastic as advanced level, it’s called retouching. Most of our wedding packages includes 150 to 500 retouched photos.

“High Quality Retouching”: Based on “Retouching”, Smoothing skin tone and reshaping body, removing deep blemishes and bald spot, Removing unflattering shadow, Refining eyebrows and lip line, Removing or adding an object , Replacement of head, face, and eyes, Abolishing double chin, body wrinkles , Erasing skin hot spots, shining, sweating , etc. Price depends on the level of retouching, clients may order High Quality Retouching packages through our website shop.


High quality image retouching | editing | —— 6 photos Additional Retouched Photo

$120.00 Regular Price
$100.00Sale Price
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