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One-stop shop for ALL your wedding needs, Get married wherever / whenever you want in San Diego

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Weddings can be challenging to plan, PKA Photography offers more than photography,

Videography, custom wedding dresses, and officiant are all under the same banner!

Let's get married wherever you want in San Diego within $1,000 and get the best photos ever 🤩

One-stop shop for all your wedding needs😍——

Photography (starts at $498), videography (starts at $500), wedding dresses (free), and officiants (starts at $200 includes filing papers)!

$200 for officiant includes paperwork filed ---- Classic vows.

$350 for officiant includes paperwork filed ---- Customized vows.

( Officiant special offer is for our photography / videography clients only , other clients need to add $100 for booking this service)

We also offer customized Wedding Dresses, Videography, & Officiants!

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