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The Height Golf Club Wedding Photos and Video | Jomarie and Vincent

March 24, 2023

The Heights Golf Club, CA, USA

1 min highlight video:

Review from the bride's godmother ( booker ):

"Best decision we ever made!

What can I say about Mia and LaRon? Mia has such an effervescent energy that you can’t help but be in a good mood when she is around. They are both very easy to work with, and are on top of communications with the bride and family. I hired them for my god-daughter’s wedding and received so many compliments not only on their personality, but also on the speediness of the picture delivery and the beauty of the images. They make you feel at ease, and don’t get in the way of the event. They hide inconspicuously off to the side to get the best angle so that the images don’t look forced. I have been at other weddings where the photog is bossy and irritable, which makes the guests feel the same, and it shows in their pictures. LaRon and Mia are consummate professionals. It was a pleasure having them at the reception. Mia also jumped into the dance circle to make sure she gets a shot at all possible angles. We laughed so hard and the pics actually came out great!

Their prices are also reasonable: they aren’t the cheapest but they aren’t the most expensive either. I think you get excellent value for your money. I suggest if you are unsure, to call or meet Mia and LaRon in person so that you get a feel for their style and how they operate. You won’t regret hiring them!"


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