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Shelter Island Wedding Photos | Christina and Stephan

July 15, 2023

Shelter Island, San Diego, CA

"I just had to be difficult. They strongly suggested at least two photographers to be able to cover my >100 guest wedding. I said no, I only wanted one. I wanted minimal interference in my ceremony, I wanted to enjoy the moments in my wedding without worrying about how well I was posing or guests being distracted by too many photographers or not being able to see because there videographer was trying to get a good close up shot. I didn’t want a videographer, and I didn’t want to pay extra for a million retouched photos. I really mostly wanted the raw images of candid photos. With PKA Photography I was able to choose exactly what I wanted and could tailor the package down to it without any guilt or overselling. My photographer, Mia, was WORKING! She had an unending amount of energy it seemed, she caught all the special moments, she was flexible with us as we are a chaotic couple, and she made it work! I love my wedding photos so much, I often find myself looking through them and feeling like I’ll start crying. She knew who my family members were, she knew who to capture. She quickly assessed my personality as a bride and fulfilled my expectations of my wedding photographer perfectly. She was also extremely understanding and helpful when I was EGREGIOUSLY slow to tell her which photos I wanted retouched, and they came out amazing. Thank you for everything! Thank you for giving me photos I’ll cherish for the rest of my life!!


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