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Torrey Pines Proposal Photos and Engagement Session | Adam and Jasmina

August 8, 2022

Citizens Trail, Torrey Pines, San Diego, California, USA

I am still in awe when I think about the amazing experience I just had. I was in San Diego for the weekend for vacation and to propose to my girlfriend. Keeping true to my modus operandi, I procrastinated and started looking for photographers when I arrived to capture the proposal.
I got a few responses from OTHERS, which were either ridiculously pricey, or unwilling to be flexible for requests [I wanted to do this on a hiking Trail overlooking the ocean, and I wanted this to be a surprise]. Both challenging, I know.
Enter Mia. I reached out to her 2 days before my planned proposal and she RESPONDED IMMEDIATELY with excitement and right away offered her guidance and suggestions and was SUPER FLEXIBLE. She was extremely COMMUNICATIVE and we came up with a game plan for the big day. In fact, she even scouted the trail the morning of just so that she could get a lay of the land!
One hour before arriving to the trail, I shared my location with her on my iPhone and we both let each other know what we were wearing so that it would still be a surprise for my girlfriend. Once I arrived, we recognized each other, and I walked my girlfriend to the part on the trail where I knew was the best view and proceeded with my proposal.
From a faraway distance and with her amazing camera [she had so many lenses and gadgets] she caught EVERYTHING. The pictures were OUT OF THIS WORLD.
After this candid moment, I introduced my girlfriend to Mia and we then proceeded to have a delightful hour of taking pictures. Mia made that experience PAINLESS with her HUMOR and her eye for detail. Within an hour of when it was over, Mia quickly messaged me a few pictures via iMessage so that we could share the news with our friends. Everyone [I am not kidding--everyone] commented on how stunning the pictures looked. The drop box link for all 400+ pictures came shortly after. I can’t recommend Mia highly enough. I am not big on staged photography but she made the hour go by so fast. I am so happy with how the experience went and how great the photos came out. Thank you Mia!!!"

—— Adam

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