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Windansea Beach Engagement Photos | Sulki and Chris

January 24, 2024

Windansea Beach, La Jolla, San Diego, California, USA

Embarking on a magical escapade just three days prior to their wedding, Chris and Sulki decided to capture the very essence of their love through engagement photos meant for joyous memories rather than formal wedding invitations.

Cloaked in snug sweaters, the couple bravely faced the chilly weather, with Chris chivalrously wrapping his leather jacket around Sulki for warmth. Despite the lingering overcast skies from the recent storm, the day took an unexpected turn as the weather miraculously transformed, revealing a breathtaking sunset that painted the horizon.

For Chris, a dedicated surfer whose heart beats with the rhythm of the waves, Windansea Beach holds a special place in his soul. As the session neared its end, he scooped Sulki up onto his chest, and together they embraced the thrill of the moment, plunging courageously into the ocean, allowing the waves to carry them gracefully to the shore.

In the midst of this spontaneous oceanic escapade, Mia, the photographer, found herself drenched (fortunately, the camera gear remained unharmed). Laughter echoed through the air as they reveled in the unpredictable moments, resulting in a collection of photos that perfectly captured the sheer joy and spontaneity of the day.

Sulki, radiating with joy, expressed her gratitude, "Thank you! It was an absolute blast!" In this enchanting tale of love, laughter, and an unexpected dip in the ocean, Chris and Sulki's engagement session became a cherished prelude to their upcoming nuptials. The excitement continues to build as they have also entrusted us to capture the enchantment of their wedding day!

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