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Soraya Forever 9

March 19, 2024

Miramar National Cemetery, San Diego, CA

Soraya Kay Moghaddam lost her battle with cancer, alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma at 13.13pm on Saturday 9th March 2024, six weeks shy of her 10th birthday. Brave and courageous to the last, for four years she countered successive soft tissue tumors and their treatments with unimaginable fortitude and determination. Her funeral was held on the 19th March 2024 at the Miramar National Cemetery, a Federal Military Cemetery in the City of San Diego, California, USA, her favorite place she called home. Jenny, her Mommy, wanted to honor her beloved Soraya in every way possible, with the thanks to PKA Photography it was beautiful captured. She is forever ingrained in the hearts of her loving mommy, daddy, little sister Sasha, Nani, Nana,extended family and "We Love Soraya'' community.
Soraya’s words: “I Love You More.”


The Lalla family extends our heartfelt gratitude to Johnathan Ralph for his generosity and talent. Thank you for capturing the precious moments of Soraya and our family.  You always want to help and support, by doing what you love and do best.   


The Lalla family are forever indebted to PKA Photography for their unwavering commitment and tireless dedication in preserving the cherished memories of our courageous little angel, Soraya. Despite the devastating loss we have endured, 

PKA Photography has bestowed upon us a priceless gift that words cannot adequately express. To witness a business that not only excels in their craft, but also possesses a profound empathy for their clients is truly heartwarming. The pain of losing a child is beyond comprehension, and the task of arranging a funeral under such circumstances is both heart-wrenching and overwhelming. However, PKA Photography swiftly and efficiently stepped in, ensuring our utmost satisfaction. We extend our deepest gratitude to PKA Photography for their exceptional work and unwavering efforts in capturing high-quality footage, both through live streaming and recordings. This invaluable service allowed our family and friends, far and near, to be part of our daughter's final farewell and pay their respects. It has provided us with the opportunity to revisit and honor her memory whenever we need to feel her presence. In these trying times, your love and support have provided us with solace and comfort that words cannot adequately express. We are eternally grateful for your above-and-beyond commitment to preserving our precious memories.

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